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In 12-12-12, the grand launching of Real Estate Hometown Unitage Biz-Centre [REHub] was the Philippines’ First Ever Property Hub which converges under one roof the Key Real Estate Services: Brokerage, Appraisal, Consultancy, Property Auction, Property Development & Management and all allied services.

At REHub, Everybody Benefits: Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Educators and Start-Up Entrepreneurs assisted by REHub’s Professional Management are assured of Cost-Effective Operational Tools, Cooperative & Integrated Marketing Support Systems – where Consolidated Resources shall be deployed within the highest standards of professional ethics. Our bottom line results are: secured returns on investments to the buyers and maximum income to the sellers. The main objective of this property hub is to centralize all real estate activities, policies, procedures and requirements in order for both parties [the buyer and the seller], would be able to save time as well as their efforts in reaching a well- thought decision. Moreover, this hub provides a reasonable income for the seller and security for the buyer as well.

Learning is an active and a continuing process. We learn by doing. And by this, REHub was likewise conceptualized in order to give the appropriate trainings and seminars to the new real estate practitioners who believe that there is always something new that one could learn and exchange insights with.


REHub integrates and delivers top-quality and cost-effective professional services to all the real estate industry stakeholders. It is a venue where real business takes place. It is a gateway for global success.


  • Provide competent operations management system for all the affiliated allied services.
  • Deliver error-free service responses.
  • Maintain information integrity, security and accuracy, on an hourly-updated information entry.
  • Breed certified-efficient and professional personnel with smart-oriented communication habits, right intentions and internalized core values.

To the Client

  • Reliability in providing competent operations management system for all the affiliated allied services.
  • Efficiency by delivering error-free customer service responses.
  • Human resource capabilities demonstrating our core values.