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Deli Master is stacked with a virtual United Nations of products. Here be racks featuring Asia (particularly Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong), America and Australia..

Opens 8:00AM – 9:30PM

For Chocolate lovers we have the following:
See’s Chololates
Godiva Chocolates
Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates
Cote D’or Chocolates – Belgium
Mary’s Chocolates and Marrons Glacés – Japan

For Beef:
Wagyu (Japanese Beef)
American Wagyu
Certified Angus Beef (U.S.)

For Chinese Gourmet:
Sun Tung Lok (Ready-to-Eat)
Superior Shark’s Fin Soup
A-Yi’s Kitchen (Ready-to-Eat)
Superior Shark’s Fin Soup
Bird’s Nest Soup
Braised Abalone in Brown Sauce (6 to 8 pcs.)
Canned Abalone
On Kee
Dried Scallops
Dried Mushrooms
Sang Lee
Dried 17 Heads Abalone
Dried 6 Heads Abalone
Apple Brand Canned Abalone

For Sea Foods:
Sea Bass
Hamachi Jaw

Imported Grocery Items